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Danielle XX

Danielle XX was to perform for the United Solo Theatre Festival NYC 2020!! Festival canceled due to Covid-19. Alas.

Danielle XX Reflecting on United Solo
Danielle XX Trailer 1

Danielle XX Bloopers

Danielle XX - Adam and Eve

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About Danielle XX


Danielle XX is a One Woman Show exploring the playful nature of our Inner Child versus the sensual aspect of Inner Venus, and how those two conflict day to day.  Using personal anecdotes, observing history and mythology, Danielle XX is a coming of age tale focused on Womanhood, and what it has meant to Danielle herself.  Learning as a girl she'd one day be a woman, that included a sexual awakening and the expectations that are born. 


With parental consent, suitable for ages 12  and above.


 Danielle XX will open a door you may never have realized was closed. Join her for a night of Revelry, Revenge and Redemption as Danielle XX parades into your heart.


***Original Performance took place on May 11th and 12th at 3rd Ethos Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.  It coincided with a gallery exhibition by artist Adam K. Fujita called I Give 100 Fucks, A vulgar display of altruism. Each painting benefitted 100 individual charities of different causes.

 Though the Fucks are unrelated to Danielle XX, they have been eternally captured in that first experience and appear in original footage. Danielle finds this fitting and salutes the beautiful exhibit.

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