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Happy Friday the 13th! The Day of Divine Feminine

Friday the 13th sure does have a ring to it, doesn't it!

This is a day that is submerged in symbolism, and covered up with slasher films and fictitious bad luck. Did you know that 13 is the number of the Divine Feminine?

Oh yes. This derives from the amount of moons we have in a year - 13. Each moon cycle lasts between 27-29.5 days. Our months are usually 30/31 days, leaving extra days to accumulate. That means in one solar year, we have 13 lunar cycles!

The Moon governs women and womanhood. Our cycles line up with the moon's cycle, and thus women have used the moon for eons to measure their periods. Of course, we all know that periods are stigmatized, and so through the darkness of the Middle Ages this number was subverted to be a bad luck symbol.

What about Friday? Friday is the Day of Venus! Known as Aphrodite in Greek culture, she is The Goddess of Love! However Love was not always seen as a good thing - it used to be viewed through a much darker lens. In Ancient Times, Aphrodite/Venus and the Power of Love was seen as malevolent, a force that could possess you, and something to be feared. Ever wonder why Cupid shoots lovers with an arrow? It's because the concept of love was seen as dangerous, like a weapon wielded against us!

It sounds crazy to think about now in our modern society, where we know love is not just highly desired, but the ultimate expression of caring for one another!

Ever hear of the Pentagram of Venus? No? Let's discuss!

Venus sort of bounces around the Earth. As it travels in its orbit, Venus approaches Earth and backs away again. When viewed through a geocentric lens (as in with Earth as the center focus) we see Venus creates petals around us, circling around Earth 5 times in a total 8 years, where it returns to its start point. And these points... create a pentagram.

Yes you heard it hear folks, the hard earned motions of Venus create a pentagram. These astronomical patterns have been assigned to the devil, which we now know the ancients likened The Goddess of Love to.

So what do you think? Is love hell? Or is it just the expectations we put on ourselves and others that make love feel like hell?

It's high time we learn more about ourselves and our patterns to find what is really making us suffer. Love is so misunderstood, just like dear Friday the 13th.

Oh, and guess what? In the 8 years it takes for Venus to make her pentagram, guess how many times she's gone around the sun?


Lots of Love,

Danielle XX

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