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Birthday Magic

Hello World!

Today is my Birthday. The mighty October has arrived, and it is my absolutely favorite time of year. Yes, my birthday is a part of it, but in my family there are half a dozen birthdays crammed into two weeks! This is my Christmas!!! Actually, it's more than that.

October, my love. You are warm sunshine and cool breezes. We get blue skies and rainy days. I can frolic in the fields or snuggle up with some hot tea. The leaves begin to change, the decorations come out, and the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon. Suddenly apples and pumpkins are everywhere. And you know what that means? Baking. Pumpkin carving. Pumpkin SEEDS!!!!

The colors are rich. The characters come to life. Costume Parties become the norm.

Costumes are my true love. Dressing up is my happy place, whether in my day to day or on stage. I love period pieces and silly recreations of memes. October is about humor. It's about magic and monsters. We all have both within us, and in October they are invited to be seen and learn.

This October, my Jesus Year has come to an end. As an actor I've been groomed to never talk about my age, especially since I have such a young face. But this is the modern era baby. I planted some major seeds with the magic of 33, and I look forward to life that is blooming in front of me.

Cheers Everyone!

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