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Ahoy Ye Mateys!

I used to always keep a private blog when I was younger, something where I could type away all the thoughts in my head and set them free. Now that I have my own website, I realize maybe I shouldn't keep all my blogs private anymore!


Now you can come here and see what a thoughts bled out of head today.

Oof that sounds morbid doesn't it. Well it won't be. Although I have been binge watching Murder She Wrote... it does make one see murder and suspects everywhere...

Well off with the tangent and on with the thought process -

Big week ahead! At the end of this week my dear pals Ali and Dana are getting married! So this week I am finalizing my packing, making sure I have all of my Bridesmaid Belongings, and preparing to celebrate a loving union up in the Catskills! Following that I am hosting a night of stand up over at the Broadway Comedy Club on 7/2 (also the day of an eclipse - oooooo magical!) and then it's 4th of July week!

Basically, Summer has officially started, celebrations are flowing in, and I am sending good vibes to you all!

Best Wishes and Be Well!!

DanielleXX (Danielle Hernandez ya'll)

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