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About Danielle 


"Hi I’m Danielle Hernandez Creator of Dez Marivette productions. What’s Dez Marivette Productions?  It’s my fantasies put on film.  As a luscious and playful earth angel, it is my duty to bring fun, kindness, joy, sexiness and love to the camera.  Think Romance novels meets Once Upon a Time. I belong in the world of Bridgerton. I’m a cross between Maya Rudolph and a Puerto Rican Disney Princess.  I am brilliant and beautiful, and you can capitalize on that with me, or you can pass. But why would you do that? I look forward to having a meeting with you soon!"

Danielle is a humorist with a love of storytelling and singing.  She specializes in Romance, Fairytales and Magic, creating characters seen both on stage and on youtube.  

Danielle has enjoyed seven years of performing comedy improv with  Say What? NYC!  Visit to see more!


 In 2018 Danielle wrote her first self produced play. Her One Woman Show, Danielle XX was nominated for the United Solo Theatre Festival in 2020.  Due to Covid-19, The Festival wisely canceled to keep everyone safe. Danielle XX observes growing up, embracing our inner child while walking the path of experience to womanhood.


She lives in NYC with her family and loves to travel.  Her first trip out of the country was to Paris and Spain in 2001. Quickly catching the travel bug, she has journeyed to Egypt in 2012, Ireland in 2014 and Australia in 2018.  Oh the places we shall go! 

 Danielle went to school in Staten Island, New York.  She majored in Performing Arts at Moore Catholic High School and went on to win a scholarship in the Dramatic Arts Department at the College of Staten Island. Being a true lover of performance, Danielle has worked on and off the stage, having worked several positions from building sets, Stage Managing and running the lights and sound board.  Some of her favorite productions are The 39 Steps (Stage Manager, 2013) The Musical of Musicals: The Musical! (Ensemble, 2008) and every zany night performing with Say What? NYC! (Member since 2014! Check us out at

Post Pandemic, Danielle has worked on sets as a Covid Compliance Officer, ensuring both actors and crew are safe and following SAG Guidelines. Supervision includes proper mask usage, frequent sanitization and regular testing.  Remember - even when we are vaccinated, we are still capable of catching and spreading the virus.  


Keep ourselves and others safe by masking up in public places and selectively gathering with others who are vaccinated or in outdoor spaces. We are all in this together! 



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