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Dez Marivette Productions


Welcome to Dez Marivette Productions - the brand child of Danielle "Dez" Marivette Hernandez! Here you will find creative originals and collaborations between Danielle and other likeminded creators.  Dez Marivette Productions brings high quality content to our reels and marketing materials, as well as grows our community of artists to expand our vision.



Dez Marivette Productions values the time and talents of all creators who participate in bringing film and television to life, from inception to publication.  Every member of the community makes it possible. Thank you to every PA, Director, Actor and Camera Workers, Light and Sound Crew who dedicate their energy to producing media.  


Sandwich Knight

Dez Marivette Presents: Sandwich Knight

a 1 Minute Film Festival Submission using the prompts "Sandwich" + "Kneel"

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